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Board and Train

“Why a Board and Train?”

  • Quick, but lasting results
  • We do the leg work!
  • Full, immersive training environment
  • We will train you, too!
  • Your dog will be socialized with other dogs and learn from them
  • Get your dog trained while you’re at work or on vacation!

Whether you don’t have the time, the patience, or the motivation, we’ve got you covered! Our Board and Train programs will teach your dog everything they need to know. We do all the leg work and you get back a well-mannered and disciplined dog who will listen to you! Your only job is maintaining the training at home, with our help of course.


No matter the behavioral concerns or training goals you have, we have a board and train program to fit your needs!


Advanced Obedience Board and Train: 

  • A well-behaved dog at all times!
  • Advanced obedience: come, sit, down, place, heel, let’s go, off, kennel, load up, and wait around high-level distractions
  • Loose leash walking around distractions
  • Training in all new environments: stores, parks, beaches, Downtown, patios, etc.
  • House manners and manners in public settings
  • Socialization with other dogs and people
  • Eradication of most problem behaviors! (Jumping, digging, barking, reactivity, leash pulling, counter surfing, begging for food, etc.)
  • Access to group classes and support classes

This program will teach your dog everything they need to know! We will ensure your dog understands how to behave around the daily workings of your real life: young children, unexpected guests, dinner time, other pets, you name it. Not only that, but your dog will go everywhere with your trainer including: lessons, evaluations, coffee shops, shopping centers, public parks, etc. We will train your dog in every environment possible in order to set them up for the most success when they come home! 

Basic Obedience Board and Train:

  • Basic on leash obedience: come, sit, down, place, heel, let’s go, and off
  • Loose leash walking
  • In home training
  • Eradication of minor problem behaviors such as leash pulling, begging for food, jumping, etc.
  • 2 FREE follow up lessons
This program is not for dogs with any behavioral issues such as fear, anxiety, reactivity, etc. The goal of the Basic Obedience Board and Train is to achieve in home, on leash obedience for those who just want a well mannered pup at home!

Let us do the work for you!

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The team at AvidDog has been fantastic working with me and my new puppy! I’m so glad I started early with them and have used both the in-home training and just finished a board and train. The team is knowledgeable and professional – and fun. Strong recommendation for anyone wanting to have a well trained dog and take advantage of Wilmington’s dog friendly environment. It is a lot of work for the dog and the owner, and Avid really helps both of us focus for success.

Mary Macpherson
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