Private Lessons:
Dog Training Wilmington, NC

We offer Private Lessons services for Obedience Training, Puppy Training, Off Leash Training, and Aggression Training.

Private Dog Training with AvidDog

  • Individualized Attention: Private lessons allow for focused attention on your dog’s specific needs and behavior. Your trainer will tailor each training session to address your dog’s unique personality and challenges, as well as your goals as an owner.
  • Customized Training Plan: Your trainer will create a personalized training plan based on your dog’s temperament, age, and any specific issues you want to address. This tailored approach can be more effective than a one-size-fits-all group class.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: Private lessons offer flexibility in scheduling, making it easier to find times that suit your availability. This convenience can be especially helpful if you have a busy schedule
  • Quick Progress: With one-on-one attention, you may see quicker progress in your dog’s training compared to group classes. Your trainer can address issues promptly and provide immediate feedback
  • Focus on Your Goals: Private sessions allow you to focus on your specific training goals, whether it’s basic obedience, addressing behavior problems, or advanced training. The training can be customized to meet your objectives.

Obedience Private Sessions

blue merle Australian shepherd sits in front of owner in red jacket holding a ball

Puppy Training Private Sessions

A brown dog in training jumps over a tree with a toy in his mouth

Aggression Private Sessions

A German shepherd puppy in training sits in front of dog trainer

Client Success Stories

"Once you are a client, you are a client for life. They truly care about you and your dog and I wouldn't recommend anyone else to get the job done right!"
Kelly Brown, Wilmington, NC
“We simply cannot recommend Avid enough. We do not plan on adding a 3rd fur baby to our clan anytime soon, but if we do, I take comfort in knowing they would be trained thoroughly with Avid!"
Kelly Hemler, Jacksonville, NC