Board and Train:
Dog Training Wilmington, NC

We offer Board and Train services for Obedience Training, Puppy Training, Off Leash Training, and Aggression Training.

On-Leash Board and Train

Dog walks nicely on leash next to dog trainer, Downtown Wilmington NC

Off-Leash Board and Train

A brown dog in training jumps over a tree with a toy in his mouth

Puppy Board and Train

A German shepherd puppy in training sits in front of dog trainer

Aggression Board and Train

Aggressive dog pulls on the leash and shows his teeth

Client Success Stories

“Our 3 month old Jack Russell came home potty trained and obeying commands. I would highly recommend Avid Dog Training."
John Wilson, Wilmington, NC
“It's 1000% worth it and an investment into your pups life with you. I only regret not doing it sooner. Now Danny will live the life he has always deserved and for that I am eternally grateful for Katelyn and the Avid TeamI"
Jana Hinson, Wilmington, NC