Jenny is the Owner and Head Trainer at AvidDog. She’s been training dogs professionally for 5 years and working with dogs in a professional setting for 7. She has experience working in an Animal Shelter for 2 years and got to see first hand the impact that bad behaviors, low confidence, fear, and aggression could have on a dog’s well being and inevitably, their survival. The shelter she worked in was unfortunately a high-kill shelter and had a revolving door of dogs coming in daily and never being seen again. Jenny began working with these “unadoptable” dogs to help grant them the opportunity of finding a home.

Jenny learned a lot of what she knows from her own dog, Oakley. Oakley was a rescue dog that ended up having severe human aggression. Jenny decided it was her responsibility to help him live his best life and began researching how to help him. She learned so much about dog behavior in such a short amount of time and upon implementing these new training methods with her dog and seeing the progress he made, she found her calling: helping dogs and owners truly understand one another. Jenny prides herself on really understanding dogs and how they analyze their environments. She has learned from and shadowed some of the world’s top trainers and has taken knowledge from each of them to create her own way of training that really works.

Jenny is married to a Special Operations Marine Raider and a mother to 2 boys. She and her husband are both Texas Natives and own 3 dogs of their own. Jenny is also a UNCW Graduate, so the city of Wilmington holds a special place in her heart. Go Seahawks!

Anjhel is a Wisconsin native who has been a local to North Carolina since moving here in 2011. She grew up with dogs of all breeds and sizes her entire life and has always had an interest in dog behavior. Anjhel has almost 3 years experience in the emergency veterinary field where she gained incredible amounts of knowledge on the medical side of things and also  witnessed some serious problem behaviors on behalf of the pet patients she saw day in and day out. In addition to her experience in the medical field, Anjhel has a lengthy career training dogs, having began training  professionally in 2013 when she sought out and completed an internship opportunity with a local dog training company. This is when her passion for training dogs truly blossomed and she found her calling in life. Anjhel finds joy in helping families learn to live a happy, more fulfilling life with their canine companions.

Aside from owning one personal dog named Tyson, and three cats named Willie Nelson, Sage, and Bonsai, Anjhel is also a mother to two beautiful children, a 6 year old girl and 4 year old boy.